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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  September 16, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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all of your lines. no one else lets you do that. see how much you can save when you pay by the gig. xfinity mobile. it's a new kind of network designed to save you money. call, visit, or go to ♪ london on high alert. this after an explosion in a train friday. and a manhunt is under way for those responsible. cnn is live on the streets of london with the very latest on this investigation. also ahead this hour -- the diplomatic fallout from north korea's missile launch. the trump administration says it's keeping its military options on the table. we get the very latest reaction from the region. live from cnn world headquarters in the cnn, welcome to our viewers here around the united states and the world.
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"cnn newsroom" starts right now. i'm george howell. it's 5:00 a.m. on the u.s. east coast. good day around the world. the terror alert in britain is at its highest level, critical. this, after an explosion on board the london tube friday morning. that threat level critical means another incident is not only possible, but it is expected. investigators are working to track down the suspect or suspects before any future attacks can happen. let's go live to london. cnn's nina doss santos follows this investigation. thankfully, no one was killed in this incident. that station has reopened there. but there are a lot of serious questions that investigators are looking into. >> reporter: that's right, george. well, we're less than 48 hours away from the start of the monday morning rush hour commute with people in places like this residential neighborhood will once again have to rely upon the transport network rushing through the doors of this
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station, perhaps at 8:00:20 in the morning on monday and will i be safe from this? in the meantime, a manhunt is under way. authorities are giving scant details overnight which is very interesting and comes in contrast to the last situation which of course was the manchester attack. throughout the course of the night, the police was updated people on raids they were conducting and arrests they had been making. we haven't heard those types of statements. in the meantime, i should point out that there are more police officers being deployed across the london transport network. across the rest of the country. the british transport police has said they made more police officers available. there are more on the scene, but you can see they have left. and the area is getting back to a calm sense of normalcy. but that doesn't mean the pressure is off here, george. authorities have been working throughout the kours of the night, poring through cctv
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british. there's only five stations before you get from par sons green, south of the line in wimbledon, where somebody could have gotten on this particular northbound train and ghosted that particular package. so they're going to be looking through all of that and also they're going to be looking through the cctv for the trains because it is a new train and has a lot of cctv crams on it. we'll see forensics and dna because of course, this bomb didn't fully detonate. but had it done it could have done much more damage. >> thank you for the report. we'll stay in touch with you. let's get context with the center for terrorism and political violence at the university of st. andrews. it's good to have you at this hour, to talk more about this case. let's talk about what we do know at this point. officials believe this device may have used a substance called
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tatp. the same explosive that was used in attacks in spain and france and england. what more you can tell us about this explosive, and what it could mean, if indeed this is the same thing. >> so ttpe is a nonoxide-based explosive. palestinians used to refer to it as the mother of satan because it has this tendency to explode when you don't want it to explode. one of the factors that's very important about tppt, it's relatively low cost to fabricate. and the pretense can be synthesized from household products such as nail polish remover and bleach. that being said it did contain a certain amount of literacy to be fabricated to be synthesized what this indicates, two parts, first of all, it indicates a
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certain amount of literacy from the bombmakers. so, even if the device didn't function as planned, it does show, a larger amount of, i'd say motivation and ability in their abilities. secondly, it also show that is we were relatively lucky as to what happened. so it was used in the july 7th bombing in london and 2005, if i remember correctly, which led to a marriage -- a much more casualties and this was a bombing that also took place on the london underground. and in that case, the tatp failed to completely ignite. so we can see this is an explosive that's temperamental. >> by determining the technicalities of the bombing, do you think this gets to closer to who may behind this?
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>> absolutely. the recipe for tatp is widely available online. it's available on jihadi websites and magazines. this isn't to say that this attack is necessarily committed by sympathizers of jihadi groups. but this has been, i'd say, one of their favorite expositives to employ. >> so, the threat level is now at critical. it's been raised, and another attack is expected because of that. there is a manhunt under way for suspects or a suspect. so, given what we know so far about the explosive, the simple fact that there's this tv, closed circuit tv, is there a good chance for investigators to get closer to who's behind this or find the person? >> yes, there are a couple things encourages for the investigators, first of all,
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since the device didn't completely destroy itself, there's a possibility of forensic prints on the device, finger print, dna, and potential serial numbers on some of the components and that can help the investigators. also, the bombing itself having taken place on the lonsdzen tube, it's an area which has very large cctv coverage. the bomb itself is relatively conspicuous, you're talking about analdy bag and builder's buck. some that could be easy for investigators sniffing through to spot. the reason why the terror threat has increased, the same reason we saw the terror threat increase immediately after the manchester attack is that, currently, what we do know, there is one or many individuals that do have a certain amount of technical knowledge to perpetrate such attacks that are still on the loose.
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we're talking about individuals that are clearly very motivated. now, one of the concerns that i'm sure the police service is sharing right now is whether these individuals may try to strike in a slightly more low-tech fashion since their national attack fell. and we saw this happening in barcelona. to remind your viewer, the vehicle-ramming attack in barcelona that happened earlier in august wasn't the original plan. from what we're seeing right now, the original plan was a large-scale attack against the familia using tatp. fortunately for everybody else, it seems like their bomb factory exploded and knowing that they only had a certain point of time to close down on that engaged in a lower-scale attack.
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i think that's something that rests heavily on police services mind right now. >> yannick, thank you for the insight on this case in london. stay in touch with us as you you learn more. the u.s. president donald trump called the british prime minister after the incident, downing street, to offer his condolences but he's also drawn rebukes from british officials for his response on twitter as cnn's athena jones explains. >> i want to say that our hearts and prayers go out to the people of london who suffered a vicious terrorist attack. >> reporter: president trump responding to friday's terror attack on the subway system. >> radical, islam make terrorism it will be see rat indicated, believe me. >> reporter: those comments coming after a flurry of early morning tweets. another attack in london by a
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loser terrorist trump wrote. adding these are sick and commented people who are in the sights of scotland yard must be proactive. hr mcmaster later trying to explain what trump went by in the sights of scotland yard. >> i think what the president indicated, obviously, all of the terrorist threats are focused on by the government. he didn't mean anything by that. >> reporter: it prompted strong pushback from the london police who said they didn't yet know who was involved and similar criticism from prime minister teresa may. >> i never think it's good to speculate on what is an ongoing investigation. >> reporter: the president and the refugees and ban facing several challenges. trump tweeting the travel sban into the united states should be
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far larger, tougher and more specific. but stupidly that would not be politically correct. asked to explain his tweet, he would only say -- >> we have to be smarter. >> reporter: the latest terror attack on an ally coming in the wake of yet another missile launch by north korea. the second one to fly over another key ally japan in less than a month. the problem that international diplomatic pressure has so far been unable to solve. amid the escalating threat from north korea, the president visited joint pabase andrews in washington. >> when our enemies hear the f-35 engines when they're roaring overhead, their souls will tremble and they will know the day of reckoning has arrived. >> that was cnn's athena jones reporting there for us. for context, let's bring in a
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senior lecture live in london at this hour. leslie, always a pleasure to have you on the show. let's start with the president's comments regarding the london attack. you heard him in the piece quick words radical islamic terror. keep in mind. we still don't know all of the facts yesterday. that's what investigators are saying they don't know all of the facts to release publicly yet. but we know when the facts were clear back in august after the charlottesville protest, a woman killed and after white supremacist, he was not so quick to use the term. and also had this to say about facts. >> it was very important for me to get the facts out and correctly. i couldn't have made it sooner because i didn't know all of the facts. it takes a little while to get the facts. i want to know the facts. i wanted to see the facts. before i make a statement, i
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need the facts. you don't make statements that direct unless you know the fact. i want to make a statement with knowledge. i want to note facts, okay. >> back in august, the president a bit more sensitive on that incident dealing with white supremacist. in this case, though, jumping right in. >> that's right. i mean, we've seen this repeatedly, that when he has a sense that an act of terrorism has been committed by islamists, that he immediately tweets. this is particularly difficult, you notice what we don't see in the package is those people around him have to deal with the fallout. you see mcmaster and haley trying to say he wasn't ascribing blame to individuals in scotland yard or particular groups. that's what he's doing in twitter. he's speaking continually to that base. doesn't help with the united
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kingdom putting theresa may and others on the back of it. and distancing himself from the president and again, that's a relationship that people want to see strong. the uk wants to see strong. but it makes it very, very difficult. even this week,s if you go back to charlottesville, the president has been pushing for this nonbinding resolution to more clearly condemn white supremacists. the president is not showing even the judgment that people are looking for. the tweets, it's a pattern, and it's not surprising that it seems to be very concerning. the point of scotland yard and the way he did it was very problematic. here in the united states, the president has those styles and those who oppose his policies and styles. and we're looking at a bump in his approval rating, leslie. it's gone up now to 39%, though it's still important to point out it is at an historic low. given, though, at 39%.
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who do you believe the president is appealing to, reaching out to, to see that new spike? >> yeah, i mean. it is interesting, because the polling, you know, it's continued. it has moved. it came down to 34% at one point. back up to 39%. it's still staying consistently below 40%. it's still very low historically. >> we just lost leslie there. we'll have to get back in touch with her if we can in the show. but leslie vinjamouri, thank you. now to st. louis, missouri, there is anger on the streets there after a rationally charged police shooting. he was found not guilty friday in the 2007 shooting of an african-american man anthony lamar smith. the verdict sparked protests. police used tear gas against the
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protesters. 23 people have been arrested and several officers injured. cnn chicago bureau correspondent ryan young has more. >> reporter: things in st. louis got tense overnight. if you look down the way here, you can see the officers who decided to make a line and tell the protesters it was time to go home. we'll have to show you this dramatic video outside of the mayor's house. it was a mostly peaceful protest throughout the night. protesters marching for miles. stopping at intersections, even in front of the hospital. but when they got to the mayor's house, someone decided they wanted to break the windows. we actually got that part on tape. once that happened, the officers swarmed the neighborhood. once they swarmed the neighborhood, they ask tzed people to leave. some tear gas. most of the people went home. they want to see something done. a lot hasn't healed here ever since michael brown and what happened in ferguson. so, tonight, you saw a multicultural group walking through the streets of st. louis.
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talking about change wanting the neighborhoods to know they want to see something different happen. but by the end of the night, obviously, some of the emotions got a little too heated. in fact, we saw this in the street. protesters using this to clean out their eyes after the tear gas got into their nostrils and face. so far, police have been able to move people back but the helicopters remain up in the sky as they continue to look for people who decided to go home. ryan young, cnn, st. louis. despite this latest development, the u.s. justice department is extending to scale back a program to helping to improve trust between the police and public. it will know longer issue audit general jeff sessions says this will respect local control and accountability. the program was created during the obama administration in response to police-involved shootings. still ahead in this hour,
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we find our michael holmes in anguilla where he reports that paradise is not lost, but, rather, it's on hold. >> reporter: it's almost eerie approaching anguilla from the sea. a landscape stripped bare of the usual lush green backdrop. on shore, pieces of homes and businesses from an ocean where tourists swim. nearby, a jazz joint frequented by celebrities like danenzel washington and janet jackson. after the hurricane went through, did you expect this place to be here? >> i didn't. i didn't. in 1980, when hurricane louis came it knocked down flat. and this was more intense than louis. >> reporter: jonno has operated this for years. >> when you see the devastation, doing something is a good thing.
2:22 am
>> reporter: johnno's is in sandy ground. rapper jay z has been to this island. justin bieber a couple years ago. and this was the pump house, one of the more popular night spots. now, this church is one of the oldest buildings on the island. here's the thing, it was meant to be a hurricane shelter. fortunately, nobody came. infrastructure, the main issue here. electricity out islandwide. >> we're totally devastated. as you look around, you can see almost 90% of the electrical network distribution system has been taken out. a lot of the poles didn't just fall down. they were broken in two and three parts. >> reporter: it could be months before hour is restored. tourism is the life blood of this whole region. restaurants, beach bars and resorts hit hard. here's a result, this was the palm grove restaurant. yes, right here, one of the most popular places on the island.
2:23 am
other businesses are open. still more back every day needing only minor repairs. the phone service starting to be worked on, aid is starting to arrive. what locals want is stimulus from the government, to withstand the next irma. anguilla isn't paradise lost. don't let people hear you say that, around here. perhaps it's paradise on hold. and they say they're not going to sit around and wait for british government help. they say waiting for outsiders isn't an option, when it comes to making this paradise once more. >> we believe in ourselves. and we'll continue to believe in ourselves. and anybody sitting around waiting, you're not going to see that here. you're not going to see that here. >> reporter: what's the future like? >> bright as usual. as usual. we go from zero to hero. we just get it done. >> reporter: michael holmes, cnn, anguilla. the devastation throughout
2:24 am
the caribbean, it is just incredible to see. and incredible to see how people are dealing with the recovery. here's the thing, there is another hurricane in the atlantic, it is causing a great deal of concern, especially along the east coast of the united states. our meteorologist derek van dam tracking hurricane jose, derek. >> yeah, even more specifically, into the carolinas and southeastern coastline, that's the areas that really need to pay close attention to the storm. because where it heads from here is so very critical as was irma, as was harvey, now we talk about jose. here's the details. we've got a category 1 hurricane churning south of bermuda. 80-mile-per-hour winds according to the national hurricane center. moving at 9 miles per hour. by the way, gusts have gone up within the past few hours to 100 miles per hour. again located 500 miles southwest of bermuda. that's according to a category 1
2:25 am
hurricane. i want you to seat projected path. this is from the national hurricane center's latest 5:00 a.m. update. two concerns anticipated. bumping the winds up to 85 sustained but i also want to you notice the cone of uncertainty that we talk about, oh, so much, that actually has that path, potentially, impacting the southeastern new england coastline. again, we're talking about long island and into the cape cod region. there are a lot of variables at play when we talk about hurricane. let's get right to it. here's the latest satellite imagery. you can see a little shear starting to impact the hurricane system. that is preventing any major intensification at this moment in time. there's still some variable spread between the models that we look at. here's the global model that take landfall into came cod. but the european model takes it offshore where they start to converge is the important question. water temperatures over the next 24 hours, warm enough to favor
2:26 am
strengthening. once it moves closer to the new england shoreline, then we see the storm kind of break apart in a sense. but it also spreads out and becomes very large over time. that's what the models indicate. so, we do believe the outer areas of the rain band could impact the outer banks and middle of next week into the new england coastline. the national weather service in coordination with the national hurricane center, they are watching it across the carolinas. we'll have rip tides to deal with along popular beach spots. and if matters aren't worse, we've got a few tropical waves developing off the coast of the africa. george, we have a 90% development from this particular system just east of leeward islands that will likely turn into a tropical storm in the next 24 hours. george. >> derek, i almost want to
2:27 am
pretend i didn't see the last part of your segment. more storms coming. >> i know. >> thank you very much. we'll don't track it. >> okay. still ahead -- we return to london after a short break there is an urgent manment under way to find the person or people behind the explosion on the tube friday. plus, the u.s. condyles the latest north korea missile test which they call perfect. to our viewers in the united states and around the world, th is "newsroom." 60 second in-shower facial. works with steam to reveal glowing skin in just one minute. aveeno® naturally beautiful results® and when youod sugar is a replace one meal... choices. ...or snack a day with glucerna... ...made with carbsteady... help minimize blood sugar spikes... can really feel it. now with 30% less carbs and sugars.
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you're watching "cnn newsroom." it is always good to have you with us. i'm george howell with the headlines we're following for you at this hour. the british prime minister they are theresa may warns another terror attack can be imminent, this after an take at the london tube. that station parsons green reopened just a few hours ago. the country's terror left has been raised to critical. that's the highest level. a manhunt under way for the person or people responsible. in north korea, kim jong-un said the missile launch was perfect and indicated there would be many more. this was the second time in less than a month that north korea has launched a missile that flue over part of japan. the u.n. security council on friday condemned the test as highly provocative. facebook has given special investigator robert mueller and his group known as the internet research agency.
2:32 am
the information may give the investigators in the united states a better picture of who is behind that facebook ad buys. and how those ads may have influenced the 2016 presidential election. back to our top story this hour, the attack in london. the threat level across the united king dodom has been rais to critical. cnn correspondent brian todd has this report on the investigation. >> reporter: flames eminent from a crudely built bomb placed by the doorway inside a train in london's underground. officials say this ied sent more than two dozen people to the hospital with wounds like flash burns and singed hair. witnesses say it also caused a stampede of panicked commuters, desperate to get out of the parsons green station. >> it was ever man for himself. >> it was fire just coming towards us.
2:33 am
>> reporter: the suspect or suspects still at large. >> a further attack may be imminent. >> reporter: the full resources of scotland yard and british counterterrorism forces engaged in an intense manhunt. >> there are many inquiries with hundreds of inspectors involved looking at cctv and bombs. >> the bomb itself did not go off which for law enforcement say great thing because the game finger print of the individual who made it. >> reporter: a british source tells cnn a timer was found on the device, though it's clear it was a crude bomb it was intended to cause much greater damage. >> we're only aware of one device. and that device examined by our experts. >> reporter: one source briefed on the investigation saysen initial assessment of the bomb indicates it highly likely to have taken tapt, an unstable explosive that packs a nasty punch. this video shows tapt from the
2:34 am
canister. >> it really takes very little initiation to set it up. >> reporter: the fact that a timer was used and the suspect is still at large has londoners bracing for the worse. >> timer is what's freaking people out, and did this individual place bombs in other locations. i mean, they are obviously sweeping all of the train stations in london. all of the tube stations right now at this particular time. they're looking for other devices. >> reporter: this marks the fifth significant attack in britain after the attacks at london bridge, westminster bridg bridge. >> it means terrorists are going to keep coming at these european cities but they remain a target for jihadists, second only to sees here in the united states. brian todd, cnn, washington. >> let's get context from the former chief superintendent for
2:35 am
the metropolitan police. joining us now by phone in london. it's good to have you with us. today. so, let's start with what we know, the information that we do understand there is cctv that could prove helpful to investigators. the bomb itself did not fully detona detonate. given your experience, your insight into cases like this, how difficult might it be to find out exactly who is behind this attack given what we know? >> well, fortunately, the bomb didn't explode. so, we've had some explosives within a bucket that didn't fully explode. the timer didn't work. so, the police will have phenomenal opportunities in terms of forensics. they'll be able to look at dna. they'll be able to look at fingerprints. in addition to that, they'll be able to try and identify where the timer was purchased from. in this country, you have to get -- if you get a bag,
2:36 am
supermarket bag, it's scanned in. you have to buy that. so, as a result of that, they may be able to take it back to where the bag was purchased. in addition to that, they've got the opportunity there to really have scrutinized all of the materials there. maybe people get careless. it looks like amateurish job. so that opportunity, cctv and all of the london transport has extensive cctv. the train would have only been traveling for a couple of stops. so it's relatively strong for the police to look at where the device was placed where the passenger was or passengers were. where they got on and off. so, they will be trolling that cctv and try to identify who they're looking for. who may or may not be known to them. and i think they're keeping in
2:37 am
context with this at this stage. and they're operations at the moment. actually, it's a significant amount of information they have. thankfully, it didn't go off like the bomb where 52 people unfortunately lost their lives. so, i think it's a new way of how individuals are getting out it. sadly, for europe, it's not just london, if you look at it, paris, nice, and places in belgium, you see more and more police attacks happening. and i think it's about the authorities then responding to them. so, they've raised the level from severe to critical. so, i think now they're just putting in additional resources. unfortunately, what we do have
2:38 am
is a reduction in police officers. now, there's been a 20% reduction in the number of police officers. so, that has an impact now, because we're having to call on the army. and the army aren't trained to deal with people. and we're going to have young sort of soldiers on the streets who don't really have a great deal of engagement with the public. an 18-year-old who has basic training who has a weapon in their hands. so there is some concern around how that will manifest itself. >> thank you so much for joining us. the phone line, not the strongest, but we did get the gist of the information you're sharing. again, the threat level raised to critical. there's concern about another attack. investigators doing what have with the information they have. dal, thank you so much. we'll keep in touch with you for sure. the north korean leader kim
2:39 am
jong-un reportedly wanted to achieve equilibrium with the united states, while the u.n. security council condemned pyongyang's test on friday. kim was praising it as perfect. that led to this warning from the u.s. listen. >> and so, for those who have said and have been commenting about the lack of a military option, there is a military option. now, it's not what we prefer to do. so, what we have to do is call on all nations, call on everyone to do everything we can to address this global problem short of war. >> cnn international correspondent ian lee live in seoul, south korea, following reaction to what's happening. ian, it seems that north korea remains defiant, determined. and the question now, what resource do allies have in the face of this threat? >> reporter: well, that's the
2:40 am
big question right now. they did try sanctions. they imposed what the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley said were the toughest sanctions to date. it still doesn't seem to have any impact on north korea, george. they're testing this new missile which has traveled the farthest of any their missiles out to sea have flown. and this is a big development because this comes just after north korea announced that it has the capability of putting a hydrogen bomb on top of an intercontinental ballistic missile. and they had that large hydrogen bomb test. this just shows that north korea is staying true to its word when it says they're going to continue to develop it's nuclear and missile technology. and that flies in the face of the international community which condemns it. but really right now, the governments of different countries trying to figure out what is the right solution for pyongyang to give up its nuclear
2:41 am
program. it just seems like they haven't found the equation yet. >> and the u.s. clearly indicating that, you know, it is considering its military options in this situation, though, referring diplomacy along with allies. but the question here, ian, is there still some daylight being seen stwe it wasn't south korea and united states, given some of the president's comments? >> reporter: yeah, you're right. when you have an international crisis. the most important thing is for allies to come together, to show that they are one voice united. and we did see some daylight between the united states and south korea, where president trump was seen by south koreans as a slight against their president. president moon. you also had president trump talk about trade deals with the south that he feels is unfavorable to united states. these are things that really do not help when there is an
2:42 am
international crisis. and you do need to reassure your allies in the region that the united states is behind them. right now, though, it does seem like they are -- they do have this one voice. they are united. we saw that in the u.n. security council. and we're also seeing it with these military exercises. i went out just yesterday to one such military exercise. and i was speaking with some of the soldiers about how important it is to work with their korean counterparts. and they say that it's extremely important, that they have this cohesi cohesion. because if war does break out and there have been many threats from north korea, if war does break out, it's going to be important for these allies to work together, george. >> cnn correspondent ian lee live for us in seoul, south korea, following the situation. thank you for the report, ian. we'll stay in touch with you. unicef says that up to 400,000 rohingya refugees will
2:43 am
flee from myanmar. you see these saddle tellite im of villages. aid groups say they are doing what they can do help people who are most vulnerable. >> maybe 230, 240,000 children. they are clearly up lift. no, the needs have not been met. we're picking up our response. they need proshgtection. they need nutrition and they need to keep bring to school. >> myanmar regards the rohingya as illegal immigrants even though they have lived in myanmar for centuries. this is "newsroom." we'll be back after the break. e.
2:44 am
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a new kind of network designed to save you money. call, visit, or go to a not guilty verdict in the city of st. louis, missouri, is sparking outrage on the streets. protesters there, upset, after a former police officer was acquitted on friday of the 2011 shooting and killing of an african-american man. during the trial, the prosecutors accused the officer of planting a gun to justify that shooting. the officer insists, though, he acted in self-defense. randi kaye has more on the case. >> shots fired. >> reporter: you're watching the final moments of a man's life. it's december 2011. and motorist anthony lamar smith is being chase by st. louis police officer jason stockley
2:48 am
and his partner. the officers inspected he'd been involved in a drug deal. the officers would later say, when they approached smith, he jumped in his car and drove off. hitting the police cruiser and knocking officer stockley sideways. the officer fires several shots, saying he feared for his live. and the safety of others. the high-speed chase tops 80 miles per hour. during the pursuit, stockley is heard saying going to kill this blank. don't you know it. it's difficult to hear on the dash cam video. but court documents say that's what he said. the chase ends with a crash which smith survives. but when officers approach, an internal report says stockley ordered smith to show his hands. and that he saw smith reach for a handgun. officer stockley fires four shots. anthony smith is struck in the
2:49 am
chest and dies at the scene. an internal report says officer stockley entered smith's car to locate the weapon and render it safe. and remove the ammunition from a silver revolver. according to the criminal complaint, forensic analysis revealed that only officer stockley's dna was on the gun he said belonged to smith. officer jason stockley is relieved his duties and charged with first degree murder. >> we all knew what it was when it happened. there couldn't be any doubt about it. i knew that it was murder from the beginning. >> reporter: stockley's murder trial started last month. the key question, whether or not the motorist smith had a gun at the time of the shooting. prosecutors argued that the ex officer may have planted the revolver in the car to justify the shooting. even though multiple cameras captured the incident, the gun was never seen. still in his not guilty ruling, judge timothy wilson said the
2:50 am
gun would have been too large for stockley to hide and then. and the judge said he reviewed the reviewed the video footage numerous times just because the fingerprints weren't on the gun didn't mean the driver didn't touch the gun. judge wilson was left to determine whether the killing was intentional or lawful use of deadly force by an officer contacting in self-defense, randy kaye, cnn, new york. y! ♪ that's it? yeah. ♪ everybody two seconds! ♪ "dear sebastian, after careful consideration of your application, it is with great pleasure that we offer our congratulations on your acceptance..." through the tuition assistance program, every day mcdonald's helps more people go to college. it's part of our commitment to being america's best first job. ♪ we demand a lot from our eyes every day.
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allergytry new xyzal®.ou have symptoms like these for relief is as effective at hour 24 as hour one. so be wise all take new xyzal®. breaking news to bring new the london terror. let's get to nina dos santos live in london. what have you learned? >> reporter: thanks very much, george. the latest, the metropolitan police leading this investigation have confirmed they've apprehended a suspect. a significant arrest they say has been made in the parsons green attack. just in the last statement in the last few minutes. talking about an 18-year-old man arrested in the port of dover in kent, in the southeast of the united kingdom, this is, by the way, george, a major point for exiting this country and heading across the channel towards the european mainland to france or
2:55 am
elsewhere. in a statement from the metropolitan police, the deputy assistant commissioner neal berthu says this arrest will lead to more. for strong investigative reasons we will not give more details to the man we've arrested at this stage because this is a manment. of course, they're trying to figure out whether this individual or the connection was to parsons green yesterday. but also whether they were working alone or whether they had help. so, at this point, they're trying to keep some details of this operation secretive to see whether the net is wider than this one individual. that is, something that we've seen over the last five attacks that are taking place in the uk so far this year. often when one arrest is made, it doesn't necessarily mean that we have the details that come out immediately, because they want to see whether the net is wider than one individual, george, especially given the fact that this was a bomb with explosive material, some type of help may have been given.
2:56 am
>> nina, we have just a short amount of time. just one quick question, the threat level has been raised to critical. there's been certain that another attack could happen. possibly, by the person or people behind this. does that play into the threat level, now, that we know that an arrest has been made? >> reporter: well, for the moment, according to this statement, from the metropolitan police, they have said the threat level does still remain at critical. that presumably indicates that they may well be looking for other suspects who may have worked with one of these people, in particular, this suspect that seems to have been apprehended in what their role was. so, for the moment, the threat level does remain at critical. that means that people have been told to be vigilant and there are more police on the streets and stations like this. >> nina dos santos live with breaking news in london. a person has been arrested, an 18-year-old man in dover. nina, thank you for your
2:57 am
reporting. thank you for being with us this hour. i'm george howell in atlanta. the news continues right here on cnn, after the break. 26 vitamin. for the strength and energy, to get back to doing what you love. ensure, always be you. and life's beautiful moments.ns get between you flonase outperforms the #1 non-drowsy allergy pill. it helps block 6 key inflammatory substances that cause symptoms. pills block one and 6 is greater than 1. flonase changes everything. superior preference haircolor from l'oréal. worth it because of its luminous color and hi-tenacity dyes. it's fade-defying for up to 8 weeks. in over 50 luminous shades. isn't your hair worth all that? superior preference from l'oréal. ♪ "zorba the greek" by mikis theodorakis ♪ ♪
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the breaking news this morning happening just minutes ago, uk police say they have made a significant arrest in the london underground bombing attack. an 18-year-old man we know is in custody and the subway station is open again this morning. >> the uk terror threat is at critical level. the highest still meaning another attack may be imminent and an increased police presence is expected around the city as well. we know at least 29 people were injured after a homemade bomb went off on a train. isis is claiming respo


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